Pawpaw Nursery List

NAPGA has put together a list of nurseries that either specializes in pawpaw trees or at least offer pawpaw trees. We do not endorse or recommend any particular nursery. This list is just for general information on where to purchase trees. If you would like your nursery listed or know of a nursery not on our list, please forward the information to us at and we will include it in this list. The question we receive the most is, “Where can I buy pawpaw trees?”. Hopefully this will help in getting you started growing wonderful pawpaws in your landscape..

Nurseries Listed Alphabetically by Company, and State

Company State  
Brambleberry Farm Indiana  
Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards Washington Grafted
* Edible Landscaping Virginia Grafted
* England’s Orchard and Nursery Kentucky Seeds, Scion, Grafted trees
George O. White Nursery Missouri Seedlings
Gurneys Seed and Nursery Co. Indiana Seedlings
Nash Nurseries Michigan Grafted
One Green World Oregon Seedlings, Grafted trees
Perfect Circle Farm Vermont  
Raintree Nursery Washington Seedlings, Grafted trees
Rock Bridge Trees Tennessee  
* Schlabach’s Nursery New York Grafted
Stark Brothers Nursery and Orchards Co Missouri Grafted

* Members Nurseries:

*England’s Orchard and Nursery         Contact Cliff England    Office Phone: 606-965-2228   Home Phone    606-493-8239

* Schlabach’s Nursery No website; write or call for catalog. 2784 Murdock Rd, Medina NY 14103.                    (585)798-6198; catalog requests only to (866) 600-5203

* Edible Landscaping 361 Spirit Ridge Lane, Afton, VA 22920      Questions or Orders: (434)361-9134